Informatica is a renowned ETL tool, which is widely used in any organization. Our Informatica online training is specially designed for the learners those who are interested to start their career in Informatica.After completing their Informatica online training they can apply the acquired knowledge in real-time situations. Our Informatica training will cover all the necessary topics and an overview of Cloud BI.

Informatica cloud computing provides rapid deployment, simplicity and interoperability on a leading market platform. Cloud computing and data integration provides enterprise class SaaS integration application and an influential platform for developing custom integration services to the users who are not from technical background.Saas is s/w distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider and made accessible to customers through a network, normally the Internet.Features of Cloud Computing –

  • Informatica cloud computing gives a customized data integration service
  • It has prepackaged end points and more plug ins
  • It provides open connectivity
  • It provides limitless scalability for Iaas (Infrastructure as a service)installation.
  • Cloud computing supports any IaaS processing
  • It can connect data from any data source
  • It has self-service characteristic for its users
  • It is integrated with Power center Enterprise

The Cloud only requires – a) internet connection, b) an account (with valid username and password) and c) agreement of terms.

Basically business intelligence was the top most priority of enterprise application. But the cloud computing was the hottest topic related to infrastructure.Combining these two we can get effective Business Intelligence for our enterprise. The cloud computing makes the Business Intelligence (BI) easily available and affordable compared to the conventional Business Intelligence.Users can migrate from the internal BI to Cloud Business Intelligence.

BI on the cloud computing is a delivery model which is gently catching up.

Cloud Business Intelligence’s probable benefits are parallel to those offered by cloud computing technology in general.It reduced IT management costs and Data Center costs. Cloud BI has faster deployment time. It also has increased flexibility.

To gain more knowledge on Business Intelligence and Cloud computing, contact us. We offer Informatica online training and Informatica tutorials also for our students. All the sessions of our Informatica online training is an interactive one and our Informatica tutorials will help learners to grasp the overall idea quickly. Our Informatica training and Informatica tutorial both are designed by our expert trainers. To know more about Informatica training reach us at