The Informatica PowerCenter client tools are the development tools, which are installed at developer end. It consists of the applications that developers use to design mappings, create sessions, design mapplets and workflows to load the data and monitor the workflow progress. In this article, we will discuss about the following tool and applications, which is used by the developers during the development process. The Powercenter client tools are

  • PowerCenter Designer
  • Workflow Manager
  • Workflow Monitor and
  • Repository Manager

PowerCenter Designer

It has tools to help user to build mappings and mapplets that one can specify how to transform and move data between sources and targets. The PowerCenter Designer helps user in creating source and target definitions, transformations to build the mappings. It permits the user to work with multiple tools at a time and to work in multiple folders and also repositories at that time. It includes windows that a user can view folders, objects, repository and tasks. One can configure the general settings, like background color and font. Designer provides source analyzer, transformation developer, mapplet designer, target designer and mapping designer. It also consists several windows like Navigator, Workspace, Status bar and Output.


Workflow Manager

In this one can define a set of instructions which is called as workflow. It is used to execute mappings built in the Designer. Workflow contains a session and other task user may want to perform when he runs a session. Tasks may include session, scheduling information or email notification. After creating a workflow, one can run the workflow in Workflow Manager and then monitor it in the Workflow Monitor. It includes the tools like task developer, the workflow designer and the worklet designer.


Workflow Monitor

One can monitor the workflows and tasks in the Workflow Monitor. User can see the details about a task or a workflow in Gantt Chart view or in Task view. It displays workflows which have run at least once. It includes Navigator window, Properties window, Output window, Time window, Gantt chart and Task view.


Repository Manager

One can navigate through repositories and multiple folders to perform basic repository tasks like sessions, moving mappings, workflows or any other objects between repositories or folders with the Repository Manager. Menu items here are disabled or enabled according to the privileges and permissions a user has.

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