Informatica is an ETL tool used for Extracting data from the source, transforming it and then loading the data into the target. Transforming of data to eradicate any inaccurate and unnecessary data, this ensures that only perfect data loaded into the target which is used mainly for analyzing and reporting.

Informatica has got a smooth visual interface; user can utilize any type of source to extract the data. We can use the inbuilt transformation to transform the data and load the data in any of the chosen format like Database tables, files etc. These process flow diagrams are called as mappings.

 Once mapping is built, user can make a session and attach the source and target connection in case of Database definition or you can specify the file directory in case of files. User can make a group one or many session in a workflow and it can be made to run as and whenever required. The Informatica server takes care of extracting data from the source, transforming it and loading it to the target databases.

The Informatica power center contains 3 components as:

1.     Information Power Center Client Tools:

Development tools installed and enables the developer to

  • Explains transformation process called as mappings (Designer)
  • Determines run-time characteristics for a mapping called as sessions (Workflow Manager)
  • Controls execution sessions (Workflow Monitor)
  • Manage repository which is useful for administrators (Repository Manager)
  • Report Metadata (Metadata Reporter)

2.     Informatica Power Center Repository:

Repository can defined as the heart of Informatica tool. Repository is a type of data inventory where the data which is related to mappings, sources, targets etc. is managed and all the metadata for your application is saved. All the client tools and Informatica Server access the data from Repository. Informatica Server and Informatica Client without the Repository are same as the PC without any Hard disk or memory, which will get the ability to process the data but has no data to process.

3.     Informatica Power Center Server:

Informatica Server is a point where all the executions take place. The server makes all the physical connections to source or targets, extracts the data, applies the transformations specified in the mapping and loads all the data in the target system.