What is informatica?

Informatica is a dominant ETL (Extract, transform, Load) tool. It is very popular for data integration.

It is the product of Informatica Power Centre.


Why Infomatica?

  1. Informatica has ability to allow lean manufacturing andlean integration.
  2. Informatica has high success rate.
  3. It is available
  4. Informatica is not expensive.
  5. Informatica has its own internal scheduler.
  6. It follows mainstream marketing strategy.
  7. It is considered as market leader in data integration


Overall process of data transformation

Step 1. Data from external sources. The sources are of two types – CSV file or Oracle table.

Step 2. Details of source table layout

Step 3. Details of lookup table

Step 4. You have define source table and target table

Step 5. Implement extraction mapping using Mapping Designer

Step 6. Implement transformation and loading mapping

Step 7. Use Workflow Manager to create workflow

Step 8. Verifying reports

Step by step ETL Process

  1. Define requirements
  2. Create Physical Design
  3. Design Test Plan
  4. Create ETL Process
  5. Test Process
  6. Walkthrough ETL Process
  7. Coordinate move to QA
  8. Test Process
  9. User validates data
  10. Coordinate move to production
  11. Maintain ETL Process