Informatica PowerCenter uses client-server architecture. It is containing a number of components followed such as-

  • Informatica domain – It is the key unit for management and administration of services in the PowerCenter. The license agreement restricts one to a single domain.
  • Node – It is a logical demonstration of a machine in a domain. The node which hosts the domain is master gateway for the domain. The license agreement restricts user to a single node.
  • Informatica Services – It is a Windows service that starts Service Manager on a node.
  • Service Manager – Service manager starts applications and runs the application services on a machine in domain.
  • Integration Service – Integration server reads the workflow information from PowerCenter storage area and runs sessions and workflows which extract, transform and also load data.
  • Repository Service – It manages connections to PowerCenter repository.
  • Informatica Administrator – Informatica Administrator is a Web application for organizing the Informatica domain, the PowerCenter security and PowerCenter repository.
  • Informatica domain configuration database – It stores the information or metadata which is related to the configuration of the Informatica domain.
  • The PowerCenter repository – It stores the information needed to extract, transform and load data. It resides in a relational database.
  • PowerCenter Client – It includes Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Repository Manager.
    • Designer – Designer allows user to define sources, targets and create mappings with the transformation instructions, for use in workflows.
    • Workflow Manager – It allows one to create, run and schedule the workflows.
    • Workflow Monitor – The workflow monitor allows one to monitor running and scheduled workflows.
    • Repository Manager – The repository manager will allow one to administer the PowerCenter repository. It assigns the permission to users and groups, manages folders and view the PowerCenter repository metadata.

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