Informatica is one of the ETL tool supports Extract, Transform and Loading activities. Informatica power center provides an environment of loading data into an integrated location such as Database. Transforming the data according to your business and loading the data into multiple targets including the files and the relation al databases.

Main components of Informatica Power Center



Repository is the heart of Informatica tool. Repository is a kind of inventory where the data related to mappings, sources and targets.


Informatica Power Center Server:

It builds physical connections between the sources and targets. It extracts the data, applies the transformations which is mentioned in the mapping and loads the data in the target. All the executions take place in the Power Center Server.


Informatica Power Center Client Tools:

Client Tools allows the developer to describe the transformation process known as mapping in Designer. It describes the run-time properties for a mapping known as sessions in Workflow Manager. It also helps in the monitor execution of sessions in Workflow Monitor and Manage Repository which is useful for administrators in Repository Manager.