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Basics of Informatica | What is Informatica

What is informatica?

Informatica is a dominant ETL (Extract, transform, Load) tool. It is very popular for data integration.

It is the product of Informatica Power Centre.


Why Infomatica?

Informatica has ability to allow lean manufacturing andlean integration.
Informatica has high success rate.
It is available
Informatica is not expensive.
Informatica has its own internal scheduler.
It follows mainstream marketing strategy.
It is considered […]

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Transformations of Informatica

Transformations of Informatica
In Informatica Training , Transformations help to transform source data according to the specification of target system and ensures the quality of the data being loaded into target.
Transformations are of two types:  Active and Passive.
Active Transformation:
An active transformation can change the number of rows that pass through it from source to target. […]

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New features of Informatica 9.5

Features of Informatica 9.5

Informatica itself a corporation is a leading provider in Data Integration and Data quality services. Informatica is an ETL tool refers for Extraction, Transformation and loading. Power Center is capable of Managing, Integrating and Migrating the enterprise data.

Informatica 9.5 is the latest upgrade of Informatica which can handle the huge volumes […]

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An ultimate source to learn Informatica Power Center

Informatica is one of the ETL tool supports Extract, Transform and Loading activities. Informatica power center provides an environment of loading data into an integrated location such as Database. Transforming the data according to your business and loading the data into multiple targets including the files and the relation al databases.

Main components of Informatica […]

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Informatica Online training by Certified and Industry expert

Informatica is an ETL tool used for Extracting data from the source, transforming it and then loading the data into the target. Transforming of data to eradicate any inaccurate and unnecessary data, this ensures that only perfect data loaded into the target which is used mainly for analyzing and reporting.
Informatica has got a smooth […]

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